Transit Connect

Transit Connect

A true example of style, utility and intelligence, the Transit Connect puts its hand up for just about any job.

Space abounds

The Transit Connect is nimble enough to navigate tight streets while offering surprising load space on the interior. When using the load-through bulkhead a 3.4m long load can be accommodated. The Transit Connect is sure to capitalize on every centimeter as it offers smart storage spaces in the cabin as well.

Robustly stylish

Ford has tested the Transit Connect with over 250 000 bonnet and door shuts to ensure the robust reliability of every model. It’s easy to forget just how tough the Transit Connect is with its stylish design in a range of colours. Class and durability are a match made in heaven for the Transit Connect.

Power to boot

A fully tested 1.5 liter TDCi engine powers the Transit Connect, offering enough power to handle payloads and supplying an economy that you’ll be glad of. Load Adaptive Control (LAC), Hill Launch Assist (HLA) as well as Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) add to the range of safety features protecting passengers at all times. Strength, agility and safety come together to form the Transit Connect.

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