Polo Vivo Hatch

Polo Vivo Hatch

Introducing the all-new Polo Vivo Hatch, a car packed with serious style and functionality.

Seriously stylish

The Polo Vivo Hatch has everything you could want in a compact urban car. Its bold lines and distinctive front are just the tip of the iceberg with an interior featuring inbuilt functionality to blow you away.

Functional and effective

Power-steering and air conditioning come standard with the Polo Vivo Hatch so that the stress of driving is minimized. Several intuitive features like front door storage space and an adjustable steering column make driving the Polo Vivo Hatch a delight.

A variety of models

The Polo Vivo Hatch is available in various models, from the entry-level Vivo Trendline to the top of the line Vivo GT. Each one is designed to adapt to your lifestyle, whether you’re a frequent inner-city traveller or you're looking for something that can handle the open road easily and efficiently. The Polo Vivo Hatch comes with the reliability and performance that have made VW a global motoring brand. It won’t let you down when you need it.

So if you’re in the market for a sporty, fresh car with modern styling and trusted performance, then try out the all-new Polo Vivo Hatch.