The VW Up! is a bold take on the Volkswagen design vision. It stands out, and for such a compact car you’d be surprised at how much attention you’ll be getting.

Edgy design, modern styling

The attractive front end of the Up! flows seamlessly towards the back of the vehicle, with finer touches such as two-tone side mirrors and doors punctuating the overall shape.

Compact and classy

The VW Up! is compact in size and easy to manoeuvre, the ultimate vehicle for those difficult parking spots and urban traffic. Don’t expect to be cramped as the Up!’s design team makes seamless use of all of the available space to give you a roomy interior.

Features for everything

The Up! is packed with a host of features that not only aid you in driving but also allow you to customise your journeys in a variety of ways. Air conditioning will make the longest road trip feel like a breeze and the radio with CD and USB connectivity will give you the freedom to listen to what you want when you want.

The latest addition to the VW family is definitely a head turner, come on down to Dutton Motors in Sasolburg today to try out the all-new VW Up!.